Shutters Installed

PVC shutters are competitively priced, durable and versatile. So it's no surprise that the popularity of PVC shutters has significantly grown in recent years. We are proud to install PVC shutters, which are hard to beat for many internal applications.

Shutters installation for windows and doors have great thermal resistance

Excellent Thermal Resistance

Due to the construction of the components, PVC shutters have a high factor of thermal resistance.

This thermal resistance is in large part thanks to the hollows in each panel.

Having an air gap internally assists in preventing heat transference through the panel and into the home.

PVC shutters are ideal for indoor wet areas, unaffected by moisture especially if installed with stainless steel hinges

Perfect for Indoor Wet Areas

Being made from a material that is not susceptible to moisture is a huge benefit to PVC shutters.

They are the perfect choice for bathroom, laundry or kitchen installations. This is because they are not affected by splashes of water or steam.

They can also be supplied and installed with stainless steel hinges to avoid any possibility of corrosion or rust caused by moisture.

Excellent durability with PVC shutters - no cupping, twisting or warping

No Cupping, Twisting or Warping

Extruded into the finished profiles and containing no timber, our PVC shutter installations are extremely durable.

This is because they are not subject to the cupping, twisting or warping that is inherent in timber products.

Versatile shutter installation options for windows and doors with PVC shutters

Versatile Installation Options

With the large range of louvre, frame and post types, PVC shutters are suitable for any window or door opening in the home.

Track Bi-fold or Track Sliding applications have been designed to make covering large sliding doors a breeze.

Bay and corner posts can also be added, to cater to those hard-to-fit windows.

Aluminium Core Strength

While extruded PVC components are strong to begin with, hollow components have added rigidity in the form of aluminium reinforcing.
All louvres and stiles, as well as some rails, are supplied with this reinforcing. This ensures your PVC panels remain structurally sound for years to come.

7 Years Warranty

Supplied and installed with a 7 year warranty, you will have complete peace of mind and comfort in your PVC shutters. Enjoy the privacy and light control that shutters offer, while being confident in the quality of the product.